IWC Freundschaft

IWC MidAtlantic Specialty Show, May 28-29 2022

Nach drei Jahren wieder zu Besuch bei Freunden des International Windsprite Clubs.
Es war wieder eine unvergessliche Reise ins Ursprungsland der Windsprites, USA.

Diesmal war es wieder sehr besonders, da ich den Bruder und Papa von May wieder sehen konnte. Die Verwandschaft ist unübersehbar.


May’ s Bruder

May’ s Papa

Es gab auch sehr lustige Momente

Berührend war, wie sehr sich Bea auf Ihren letzten “straight race” in hohem Alter freute. 15 1/2 Jahre alt!

Best in Show

IWC New York Specialty July 20, 2019

Ich war wieder zu Besuch bei Freunden des International Windsprite Clubs.
Es war eine unvergessliche Reise ins Ursprungsland der Windsprites, USA.

Einen schönen Bericht zur Show zitiert nach:
Donna DeVoist. IIWC New York Specialty July 20, 2019 – Thank you from the Show Chairperson.
Last Accessed 25.12.2019

“This year’s show was not treated kindly by Mother Nature. The heat wave forced the cancellation of agility, rally, and racing, and prompted us to move the show indoors. Even though the air conditioner in my classroom struggled to keep up with 50 people and 60 dogs, we managed to remain somewhat comfortable with the addition of several fans that Gina Babcock and Christine Chady brought from their homes to keep the air moving. Thank you both so much.
There are many people to thank for a successful show.
Our conformation judge, Calley Rupp, Falconeer Kennel, was efficient and gracious in the ring. Claire Conklin, Trial Co-Secretary, and Jake Ragusa, Chief Ring Steward, kept the show moving along without delay. Tricia Conklin, Co-Secretary, produced an attractive, comprehensive show program. She also worked with an artist to create beautiful, distinctive prizes for the Best of Variety and Best in Show. Plus, she will sort out reimbursement due to cancellation of events.
Jim Petack was our unobtrusive photographer and took his remarkably lovely photos of our dogs.
Jamie Ohman helped set out racing posts during the hot Friday afternoon and then along with Tricia Conklin helped set up the new location for the show. Eileen Tran volunteered to order, pick up, set up and clean up lunch. Thank you, Eileen, for taking charge and getting it done. Alayne and Dick Brandt and Jean McCord organized dinner and cleaned up after – a task made more difficult without a real kitchen. Thank you for getting us fed.
Ann Marie Silverberg, assisted by Kristina LaPage and Rachel Waugh, put together creatively-themed raffle baskets and sold lots of tickets.
The exhibiters deserve a big round of applause for enduring warm temperatures without complaint and with suggestions for making it cooler. Exhibitors helped each other set up and clean up, kept an eye on the dogs of others, and made safety a priority by voting to cancel Sunday’s racing.
I personally owe a huge thank you to Sue Nichols for bringing the sweltering weekend weather forecast to my attention. Because of her experience in outdoor shows, she recognized the potential problems and offered several suggestions to deal with the heat. Thanks to Steve Benjamin, my mentor and proprietor of the classroom, for allowing us to use the space on short notice.

Donna DeVoist, Show Chairperson”

IWC MidAtlantic Specialty Show, May 25-26 2019

Ich war zu Besuch bei Freunden des International Windsprite Clubs.
Es war eine unvergessliche Reise ins Ursprungsland der Windsprites, USA.

Einen schönen Bericht zur Show zitiert nach:
Sidney Hoblit. IWC MidAtlantic Specialty Show, May 25-26 2019International Windsprite Club. In:
Last Accessed 25.12.2019


“7 June 2019IWC MidAtlantic Specialty Show, May 25-26 2019
The 2019 IWC MidAtlantic Specialty Show on May 25-26 was another huge success. We had a fabulous turnout, the weather was agreeable, we had good times with old friends and new.

A total of 62 WIndsprites entered the show, with 61 in Conformation, 37 in Rally, 24 in Agility, and 33 in Competitive Racing, along with an additional 21 for individual or puppy runs!  Very special thanks go out to our fabulous judges, Patricia Spinazzola of Panache Whippets for Conformation, Dawn Peterson for Agility, Arlene Powers for Rally, and Cynthia Schmidt for the massive Triathlon Conformation class. And of course, our amazing and well organized Show Secretaries Patricia and Claire Conklin, Lure Operator extradordinaire Donna DeVoist, totally awesome Show Photographer Jim Petack, and extra special thanks to Donna DeVoist for coordinating our Saturday evening dinner.
Thanks to Cynthia Schmidt and Melissa LoPinto for an informative and helpful handling seminar before the start of the conformation show on Saturday, they both provided some wonderful tips and individual instruction for the participating handlers.
As always, it is a big undertaking to organize and run an event like this, and as usual, I am so grateful to ALL the exhibitors and friends who stepped up to help. Special mention must go to our visitor and new  best friend Silke Kuske, who came all the way from Germany and worked tirelessly and cheerfully with preparations on Friday and throughout the show, handling dogs in the show ring, taking photographs,  slipping dogs at the races, and generally jumping in with a smile to help with whatever anyone needed. We were delighted she was able to join us this year, and hope to see her again soon.
Polly Hornberger did a fabulous job again with our raffle, with several big baskets of wonderful prizes. Huge thanks to all who donated items for the raffle! Thanks to Claire Conklin, Chief Ring Steward for the Conformation ring, for keeping all the Conformation classes organized and moving along.Jamie Ohman,  Andrew Green, and Silke Kuske shared all their fantastic photographs from the show. Kim and Sharon Shepherd were invaluable in setting up tables and tents and setting out the food for our meals. Thanks to our excellent agility scribe Donna DeVoist and timer Kathy Petack. Alayne Brandt does a terrific job as starter at the races, and her husband Dick deserves kudos for dragging the lure back down the field after nearly every race. Thanks to Jessica Stier, Ann Marie Silverberg, and Claire Conklin for scorekeeping at the races.
The list goes on and on , I can’t possibly thank everyone by name (I think I would have to list every single exhibitor…and their family members!) And I don’t even know who did many of the jobs, I just know they got done! So to all who pitched in – course building, setting bars, gate stewards, handling dogs for those of us with multiple dogs in conformation classes, holding dogs, helping set up food and clean up after, coming early to help set up for the races and staying late to tear down after, slipping and catching dogs at the races, everyone who brought all that wonderful food for potluck lunch, who helped set up and take down the rings, the pop up tents, the tables – you are all amazing and much appreciated. I thank you all!
And finally, heartfelt thanks to Judith Shoemaker DVM for generously offering her lovely Fincastle Farm for our Saturday afternoon and evening events, to Donna Schafetz of Fincastle Farm for her assistance with set up, clean up, and bringing coolers of ice and drinks to the races, to Becky and Will Anderson for hosting our Agility competition at their lovely property, and to the rangers and maintenance crew at Nottingham Park for preparing the race area so beautifully.Let’s do it all again next year!

~Sidney Hoblit, Show Chairperson”


Ausgewählte, wunderschöne Impressionen der Ausstellung